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Market Research for Other Organizations

Custom Market Research and Advisory Services for Investors, Associations, and Others Interested in Risk-Informed Business Decision Making

Your Organization

While vendors and enterprises form the core market relationships for risk management and decision support solutions, many others support market efficiency by investing in, guiding, or reporting on related business management trends and vendors:

  • Professional Associations
  • Investors
  • Ratings Agencies
  • Think Tanks
  • Government Agencies
  • Market and Investment Analysts
  • Standards Organizations
  • Academia
  • Media and Press
  • and Others

Your Organizational Challenges

New risk management standards, technology advances, decision analytics, and risk data sources are converging to significantly change how businesses are managed. You must stay informed about what management concepts rule today versus the processes and resources that corporate decision makers will use in the future.Business man making a presentation about business decisions and risks

You need a reliable source of ongoing business analysis to help you anticipate industry trends, but you may also need to dig deeper into certain aspects of how enterprises are enhancing their decision-making processes. If you invest, guide, or educate, you must uncover the most difficult challenges business decision makers face today to understand and promote the best solutions for tomorrow.

On the supply side of the market, your challenge is to determine which risk management and decision support solution providers will best leverage technology and expanding risk information sources to meet the market needs of corporate decision makers.

Your Role

As a third-party player to the core enterprise-vendor market relationships for resources supporting risk-aware decision making, some of the roles you may hold as part of the organizations noted above include:

  • Investor
  • Analyst
  • Consultant
  • Advocate
  • Regulator
  • Reporter
  • Educator
  • Student

Your Questions

When you are assessing investment opportunities or deciphering business management trends for better risk-informed decision-making solutions, some of your questions may include:

  • What are the most critical current and emerging resource needs to integrate risk management principles with business decision making?
  • How large is the market demand for risk management and decision support solutions and how fast is it growing?
  • Do specific high growth market segment opportunities exist?
  • How will customers react to a vendor's new product or service offering and what is their business value perception?
  • Which vendors are best poised to capitalize on market growth?
  • What are the unique capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses of specific vendors?
  • How are vendors incorporating artificial intelligence such as machine learning and cognitive computing into their offerings?
  • What business examples offering challenges and successes can I use to train and educate others?
  • How and at what pace is risk-aware decision making evolving?

Our Research and Advisory Solutions

IMT provides ongoing market trends research and analysis on industry standards, vendors, technology, and information pools that help refine risk-aware business decision-making processes. We also offer custom research services and market analysis for individual clients. Boardroom table discussion of IMT custom research and analysisWe carefully consider your key questions, your stakeholders, and what specific actionable information we can research and deliver to address your challenges.

Our engagement process emphasizes clear communication throughout the project, beginning with the framing of important market parameters and definitions and ending with the delivery of the research findings, analysis, and conclusions to your stakeholders and key decision makers.

We combine the depth of our market knowledge and experience with a range of primary market research and secondary research methods to determine the most effective approach for obtaining and delivering the specific information you need. While we can consider any challenge, many research and advisory interests can be categorized into one of the following four project types:

Market Demand Forecasting Models & Market Segmentation

How large is the market potential for resource spending associated with risk-informed business decision making and how fast is it growing? We will work with you to establish clear market definitions, market segments, and sizing criteria before integrating demand-side, supply-side, and economic trend analysis to build your custom market size and forecasting models. Market segmentation considerations can include product/service offerings, geography, industry, and enterprise size parameters.

Market Needs, Voice of Customer Studies

Are you interested in the greatest challenges business managers face as they integrate risk considerations with their strategic, operational, financial, and resource investment decisions? Our market needs research studies include the selection of the most efficient primary and secondary data collection methods to assess corporate decision maker requirements, as well as their perception of potential vendor resources and solutions.

Vendor Analysis and Capability Assessment Reports

Do you want to identify and assess a set of vendors providing products or services that enhance enterprise risk management and decision-making processes? We can help set assessment criteria for researching and analyzing service, software, and/or information providers. Our custom competitive landscape analysis includes objective scoring of offering capabilities, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT), as well as value comparisons among the identified vendors.

Business Case Studies, White Papers, Marketing Deliverables

If you need detailed examples of companies that have implemented risk management solutions to support enterprise decision making, we can research and produce case studies and marketing deliverables that highlight organizational challenges, resource considerations, and the strengths and weaknesses of the solutions deployed. Use business cases for management education and to support your advice and guidance for others.

Looking to obtain or collaborate on custom research and analysis to identify specific business challenges, market needs, and resource providers for enhancing risk-informed decision-making processes? Contact us by phone today or ask us a question by clicking on the link below. Using the question submission links on this page is preferred as it may allow us to prepare some helpful information to pass along to you with our initial free consultation.

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Share your key questions as you consider investing in or educating others about management processes and resources that support risk-aware business decision making in the context of Orange Research Button on Computer Keyboard to Unlock IMT Custom Research organizational objectives.

We will arrange a free consultation to share our initial advice and offer ways we could provide more specific answers with our custom research and advisory services either for you or in collaboration with you.

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