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Market intelligence on the convergence of risk management best practices, technology, analytics, and information sources for optimized business decision making.

Our Services

For Enterprises

For enterprises seeking to build or improve risk-informed business decision making processes and systems to achieve organizational objectives.

IMT offers:

  • Vendor assessments and communication support
  • Peer group trends research
  • Case studies
  • ROI analysis
  • Management communication support


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For Vendors

For vendors selling services, software, or information that enables risk-informed decision making in support of customer organizational objectives.

IMT offers:

  • Portfolio development strategies
  • Value statements and positioning
  • Message testing and development
  • Partnership and acquisition analysis
  • Market opportunity analysis
  • Market share/competitor analysis


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For Others

For others interested in analyzing and promoting market trends, management concepts, and resources supporting risk-informed business decision making.

IMT collaborates with:

  • Professional Associations
  • Standards Organizations
  • Academia
  • Press/Media
  • Think Tanks
  • Investors


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The IMT Library

IMT's Library includes complimentary Perspectives and premium Reports with market research and business trend analysis of

  • corporate decision making integrated with risk management processes,
  • vendor capabilities, and
  • market dynamics.


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A Complimentary IMT Perspective

"Defining an Enterprise Risk Management Vendor"

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Featured IMT Report

"Enterprise Risk Management Market Taxonomy"

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Read, Think, Dialogue

Explore IMT's Blog

"Ixnay Ceteris Paribus"

Our blog title urges the demise of business decision making based on static assumptions. Corporate objectives and decision making should be grounded in risk management principles bolstered by technology advances, real-time information sources, and analytics in today's dynamic business environment. Read our market insights and opinions on current management trends and vendors advancing the science of decision making to achieve corporate objectives.


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IMT provides a wide range of custom business research services and consulting services for vendors, enterprises, and others interested in advancing risk-informed business decision making. Reach out to us to discuss your organizational challenges and interests and how we can help.


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