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About IMT

IMT is an industry research and advisory services firm for market analysis of management concepts and vendors that enable risk-informed business decision making processes.

Our Market Perspective

The relationship between technology advances and business decision making has a muddled past. The impracticability of decades-old concepts of artificial intelligence and the resources and skills necessary for big data analytics have limited the potential for technology-supported corporate decision making. Significant strategic, operational, financial, and resource investment decisions have generally relied upon a narrow set of data analytics, the experiential biases of decision makers, and plain old intuition.

IMT asserts the convergence of the following factors is now enabling a giant leap forward in the science of management decision making:

  • Core technology advancements such as microprocessor designs integrating processing and memory more efficiently and low-cost ubiquitous data storage.
  • The swift progress of machine learning applied to new analytical challenges.
  • The opportunities for melding risk management, analytics, and decision support system software designs.
  • The burst of data collection of just about everything.
  • The headway of risk management principles as necessary core management concepts for all business decision makers.

Management decision making processes will always leverage the personal experiences and intuition of managers. However, a more disciplined approach integrating risk management concepts and technology advances will improve decision speed and outcomes leveraging risk data and other facts sourced well beyond decision maker experiences. Enterprise managers must balance the need for deliberative decision processes with the need for speed in today's dynamic business environment.

More on IMT's view on trends in management concepts.


Our Resources and Services

Intelligent Management Trends is an independent industry trends research consulting firm dedicated to analyzing the management trends, resources, and vendors enabling optimized decision making to achieve corporate objectives. We translate risk management standards and industry best practices into meaningful resource considerations for both business decision makers and vendors. Our goal is to improve market communication efficiency connecting enterprise customer needs and market demand with vendor capabilities to advance risk-aware business decision making.

We offer multiple access points for our research and market analysis and ways to collaborate with IMT:

  1. Browse our published Perspectives and Reports available in The IMT Library.
  2. Use our Custom Research Services to address your specific research and advisory interests.
  3. Ponder our ongoing commentary posted in the IMT blog “Ixnay Ceteris Paribus.”
  4. Interact with our community on social media.

IMT is led by Founder and Principal Advisor John Farrell,John Farrell, IMT Founder and Principal Advisor.jpg supported by a network of highly experienced primary researchers, market modelers, and analysts with both US and global market research capabilities. You can learn more about John’s influences, beliefs, and background that drive his interests in supporting more efficient enterprise decision making by accessing his bio here.


We invite you to take part in this movement to improve the science of business decision making.

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The IMT Library includes complimentary Perspectives and premium Reports with global market research and business analysis of:

  • organizational decision-making processes integrated with risk management concepts,
  • vendor assessments, and
  • market trend dynamics.

Browse IMT's Library

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IMT offers a wide range of custom research consulting services for vendors, enterprises, and others interested in advancing risk-informed business decision making. Reach out to us to discuss your organizational challenges and interests and how we can help.

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Our blog title urges the demise of business decision making based on static assumptions. Corporate objectives and decision making should be grounded in risk management principles bolstered by technology advances, real-time information sources, and analytics in today's dynamic business environment. Read our market insights and opinions on current management trends and vendors advancing the science of decision making in the pursuit of organizational objectives.

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