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Market Research for Enterprises

Custom Market Research and Advisory Services for Enterprises Interested in Optimizing Risk-Informed Business Decision Making

Your Organizational Challenges

Your organization regularly makes critical strategic, financial, operational, and resource decisions to achieve its corporate objectives. Growing scrutiny from management, board members, shareholders, auditors, lawyers, regulators, ratings agencies, partners, customers, and activists six decision makers discussing business challenges around a small boardroom tablemeans these decisions increasingly require a sound defensible foundation. Enterprises must balance their need for speed with the deliberative, risk-informed, decision-making process expectations of these looming watchdogs.

Fortunately, the advancements of risk management standards, risk management consultants, risk management software, decision analytics, and risk information sources offer some of the many resources available to help analyze, improve, justify, and document decision making to optimize business outcomes. However, assessing, obtaining, and implementing these resources can be a significant challenge.

Your Role

Many, and arguably all, enterprise roles have a responsibility to integrate risk management principles and practices with efficient decision-making processes. Some of the leading roles and decision makers supporting a structured approach to enterprise risk management include:

  • Board Members
  • C-Level Executives
  • Risk Managers
  • Insurance Managers
  • Finance Managers
  • IT Managers
  • Business Unit Managers
  • Actuaries
  • Auditors
  • Compliance Officers
  • Human Resource Managers
  • Legal Counselors
  • Business Analysts
  • And Others

Your Questions

When you need to build, expand, or enhance your risk management and decision support systems, you may encounter financial constraints, management skepticism, confusing vendor offerings, and many resource limitations. Some of your questions may include:

  • What risk management best practices and standards offer guidance on how to implement risk management solutions in organizations like mine?
  • What third-party services, software, and information resources are available that match my needs for building risk-aware decision processes?
  • What are each vendor's capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses?
  • How can I better communicate my specific resource needs to vendors?
  • What do I need to know about machine learning and other technology advances, if anything?
  • How can I break down the components of risk management and decision systems to best determine my resource needs?
  • How do peer organizations integrate risk management and decision-making processes?
  • How can I better communicate resource and investment needs to management?
  • Can I prove a return on investments (ROI) for new resource requirements?
  • How can we advance our management concepts from focusing on risk mitigation costs to leveraging risk knowledge for opportunistic gains?

Our Research and Advisory Solutions

IMT's custom research services address your challenges by carefully considering your key questions, the stakeholders involved, and what specific actionable information about risk management and decision Boardroom table discussion of IMT custom research and analysissupport system resources we can research and deliver for you to overcome your obstacles.

Our engagement process emphasizes clear communication throughout the project, beginning with the framing of important market parameters and definitions and ending with the delivery of the research findings, analysis, and conclusions to your stakeholders and key decision makers.

We combine the depth of our market knowledge and experience with a range of primary market research and secondary research methods to determine the most effective approach for obtaining and delivering the specific information you need. While we can consider any challenge, many enterprise research and advisory interests can be categorized into one of the following four project types:

Vendor Analysis and Capability Assessment Reports

Do you need to identify and assess a set of vendors that can provide or enhance your risk management and decision-making processes and resources? We can help set your assessment criteria and then research service, software, and/or information providers to objectively identify their capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses in light of your specific needs.

Peer Group Analysis, Trends, and Benchmarking

If you are looking to business size or industry peer groups for the challenges and successes other enterprises have experienced implementing risk management solutions to support their decision-making processes, we can refer you to existing benchmarking sources and/or conduct case study research to address your specific points of interest.

Return on Investment (ROI) Analysis

ROI analysis on risk-related solutions is unique in that it goes beyond the usual assessment of savings on organizational resource and process costs. You must consider the primary, secondary and tertiary ROI benefits. When you need to identify the likely return on your new investments to obtain funding, we can conduct a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the experiences of other organizations to support your case.

Management Communication Support

While risk management consultants can advise and help implement your organizational and process changes, you may need to first communicate the necessity of change to your management. We can research the specific roadblocks and objections you face and help develop specific messages and communication points to support your business case for business unit and corporate risk management solution investments.

Looking for custom research and advice to address your current challenges as you consider new resources to enhance your organization's risk-informed decision-making processes? Contact us by phone today or ask us a question by clicking on the link below. Using the question submission links on this page is preferred as it may allow us to prepare some helpful information to pass along to you with our initial free consultation.

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Share your key questions and concerns as you consider building, expanding, or enhaOrange Research Button on Computer Keyboard to Unlock IMT Custom Researchncing the resources you use to identify, assess, and manage risks in support of your corporate objectives and enterprise decision-making processes.

We will arrange a free consultation to share our initial advice and offer ways we could provide more specific answers with our custom research and advisory services.

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