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John Farrell, IMT Founder and Principal Advisor

A market researcher, industry analyst, consultant, and advocate for deliberative analysis at the speed of today’s business decision making.

John Farrell, IMT Founder and Principal AdvisorJohn Farrell, IMT Founder and Principal Advisor

John Farrell is a market research analyst, consultant, economist, and proponent of advancing technology-supported management proficiency. His professional pursuits build on his personal quest to discover the one model to explain it all. While not as lofty as a physicist’s goal to set a theory of everything, John’s objective is to help advance the tools and management practices that nudge business decision making closer to the ideals of rational market models that can improve business success.

John studied economics and political science at the University of Pennsylvania, establishing an interest in behavioral economics to uncover the cognitive biases and power influencers that can alter traditional market models and expected outcomes. While working as an economist and a market research consultant, he completed his MBA at Babson College where he discovered the success of many business leaders and entrepreneurs often is predicated on just enough naiveté and insanity to negate the immobilizing concerns that can often accompany rational analysis.

His early work experience included managing custom market research engagements associated with IDC’s renowned Worldwide Black Book which accounts for total global market demand spending on all services, software, and hardware associated with information technology. He also took on and quickly grew the custom research consulting practice focused on IT and management consulting services markets as IDC’s Vice President of Services Industry Consulting.

Given the breadth of his knowledge of information technology segments and global market trends, IBM hired John to design a version of the Global Market View forecasting model they use for identifying market opportunities, building offerings, and setting sales targets for their Global Technology Services and Global Business Services divisions. He has provided market analysis and vendor assessments for top market intelligence firms including TBR and Kennedy Information, where he authored reports that defined, forecasted, and analyzed the competitive dynamics of the financial and risk management consulting marketplaces.

John has consulted with and served the custom research needs for hundreds of clients ranging from startups, small businesses, and government agencies to the largest technology companies and management consulting firms across the globe.

Based on all his interactions with both producers and users of technology, and his industry analysis of leading business consulting practices, John founded the market research and advisory firm Intelligent Management Trends believing the groundwork has finally been set for a new phase of improved business decision making. The integration of risk management principles, technology advances, and burgeoning data sources can now enable deliberative decision making at the speed required for today’s business dynamics. Accelerating advancements in artificial intelligence, and machine learning in particular, will bring profound improvements to risk-aware decision making in the near term. 

John invites you to engage him, debate him, and collaborate with him to help accelerate the industry trends for the technology, business services, and information sources that enable the optimized risk-informed decision-making processes necessary to unleash more opportunistic and antifragile* businesses.


*A nod to one of John’s influencers Nassim Nicholas Taleb.

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