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Interested in Licensing IMT's Market Research and Analysis?

IMT Reports

IMT premium Report purchases are for individual use and evaluation purposes only. If you are interested in extending access to other users across your own organization, please contact IMT for enterprise licensing options using the form on this page.

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IMT Perspectives

IMT's complimentary Perspectives are free to download for any individual and may also be posted digitally to allow access for any user within an enterprise. If you are interested in printing hard copies or using digital versions of these publications outside your own organization (e.g. for sales and marketing support or investment purposes), please use the form on this page to inquire about licensing options.

Other IMT Material

The public portion of IMT's website content is accessible for any user. Feel free to link to and reference information available on our public pages and blog entries citing IMT's website as the source. Other IMT custom market research and analysis (e.g. white papers, case studies, ROI analysis, market models, etc.) are typically contracted by individual clients who manage the rights and access to their custom research content.

When in doubt about using IMT research publications and other resources, just ask us for guidance using the form on this page. We will be happy to provide a quick response.

Note on IMT objectivity standards: All IMT market research and analysis adheres to strict objectivity standards. Our client base and revenue sources will never influence how, or what, we write about market trends and vendor capabilities in our publications. All IMT opinions are based on our own research and analysis.


Ask IMT About Licensing Options

Inquire about licensing IMT publications, including:

  • Enterprise licenses for premium IMT Reports.
  • Using IMT Perspectives outside your own organization.
  • "Repurposing" portions of IMT publications or combining with IMT custom research for sales and marketing support.

Or just let us know if you have a question about referencing or citing our information. We will respond within two business days.