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"Defining an Enterprise Risk Management Solutions Vendor"

Cut Through the Fog of Risk Management Terms Used for Vendors in Today's Market

The broadening view of enterprise risk management (ERM) has invited an equally broad mix of vendors marketing themselves as enterprise risk management companies. Unfortunately, the terms ERM and enterprise risk management can lose their meaning under a barrage of related acronyms and confusing marketing terms.Fog of Risk Terms.jpg

While risk management standards organizations and business associations have taken tremendous steps to cut through the fog of risk management definitions and terminology as they apply to enterprises, this complimentary IMT Perspective examines the capabilities that qualify vendors for the ERM designation.

This industry analysis for the risk management market addresses:

  1. the marketplace challenges for enterprise risk management software, risk management services, and risk information providers;
  2. when the ERM designation can accurately apply to a vendor; and
  3. how vendors are repositioning to add more value as ERM solutions.

Read this paper to help improve market communication between enterprises and risk management vendors.


Access this Complimentary IMT Perspective

"Defining an Enterprise Risk Management Solutions Vendor"

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